Private Equity Fund Exits Down. Lower Distributions Ahead.

When is the last time IPO exits comprised less than 1% of total exit volume from private equity funds worldwide? Let’s add a 55%+ decline in total exit volume year over year. Going for a trifecta, how about an 87%+ decline in SPAC M&A exit volume too. Each of these data points are NYPPEX estimates for private equity funds worldwide in the first half of 2022.

What’s ahead? For one thing, it seems obvious that investors should be prepared for distributions to dramatically decline in the near future. 

Of course, over a long-term holding period, cyclical blips are to be expected from investments in private equity funds. However, when you consider that NYPPEX estimates over 60% of exit volumes in the 1H2022 were “GP to GP” transactions, the quality of this low exit volume is weaker than understood by investors.  

At NYPPEX, we believe GP to GP transactions should be disclosed as a risk footnote in a fund’s quarterly report as they are a game of musical chairs, which will end badly for some private equity funds and their investors when the music stops. 

A partial solution?  Given that NYPPEX estimates secondary private equity funds worldwide held a record $140+ billion in dry powder as of December 31, 2021, we expect a massive increase in secondary sales from GP-led transactions ahead. 

For further information, please contact [email protected]. This is the 2nd of a 5 Part Series of Private Market Commentaries from the 2nd Quarter of 2022. 

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Private placements are illiquid, speculative and investors may lose their entire investment.

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